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Flexographic printing is one of the most dynamically developing printing technologies, which has been strengthening its position on the printing market for years. MMR Group PrintSolutions offers proven solutions for flexographic printing, always customised to meet client requirements and needs.

Smooth tonal transitions
The direct engraving technology offers the possibility of free shaping of raster points, thanks to three-dimensional modification of such parameters as relief, the height of lowering in reference to the surface of the elastomer (printing points can be placed lower than the surface of the uniform background), the angle of inclination of the cone arm and the depth of undercut.

Smaller raster point increments
The hardness of elastomer materials and the possibility of constructing raster dots of any shape and height ensure smaller ink build-ups during printing.

Greater precision
The production line allows engraving with a maximum resolution of 2540 dpi at a ruling of 200 lpi, resulting in maximised quality and precision of the prints. The device with a densitometer function and a mounted microcamera provides an actual 3D image of the raster point structure. Specialized software enables digital modeling of the shape of a raster point depending on the customer's needs.

Even paint transfer
Elastomers have very good ink transfer properties and minimise the appearance of uneven uniform background surface coverage (mottling).

Increased resistance to chemicals
Elastomers do not swell and do not soften during printing. They show very high resistance to aggressive chemical substances contained in agents commonly used in printing houses, such as solvent-based paints, water-based paints and UV paints, varnishes.

    Oferta MMR Group PrintSolutions offer is based on carefully selected and complementary products. Their quality, certified not only by international certificates but also by the experience of MMR Group PrintSolutions, experts, allows for more efficient and sustainable printing processes.

    Printing forms:

    • CSX elastomer plates for flexographic printing
    • CSL and CML elastomer plates for offset varnishing and dry offset printing
    • CSX sleeves for endless flexographic printing

    Mounting tapes and foils
    Foam backing material for corrugated post print
    UV varnishes
    UV inks
    Auxiliary chemicals
    PET carrier film for corrugated post print
    Codstamping foils

    MMR Group PrintSolutions uses only well-proven state-of-the-art technologies. Our regularly expanded, modern machinery not only increases the efficiency of the production line but also enables the accomplishment of the most advanced work.

    • Fibre laser Hell Premium Setter S1300 Dual beam 1300 x 920mm plate
    • Fibre laser Hell Premium Setter S1700 Dual beam 1650 x 1320mm plate
    • Plotter X44 EDGE KONGSBERG
    • Automatic washer in B0 format 1400 x 1700 mm

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