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Graphic studio and flexographic prepress

MMR Group PrintSolutions is a modern graphic studio and flexographic prepress, which offers design, file optimisation and production of printing forms for 3D engraving. A wide range of raw materials allows us to make plates for flexographic printing, offset varnishing and dry offset printing.

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MMR Group PrintSolutions graphic studio utilises precise measuring equipment with innovative software which enables the creation of colour profiles and the correct selection of printing plate parameters for the customer's press fleet. In addition, it offers GMG tests which allow determining an individual colour reproduction profile in a given printing environment.

    The graphic studio and flexographic prepress of MMR Group
    own the licences:

    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • GMG flexoProof
    • Eye-One iOi1
    • X-Rite eXact Advanced
    • Epson Stylus Pro
    • Peret
    • ESKO RIP
    • ESKO Automation Engine
    • ESKO Job Management
    • ESKO Hybrid Raster

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